Carotenemia – Excess Carrots Turns your Skin Orange

If you love carrot juice but you have noticed that you are looking more tanned that usual, perhaps you should consider Carotenemia. Carotenaemia (xanthaemia or carotenosis) is the presence in blood of the yellow pigment known as carotene. Often this occurs from excessive intake of carrots or other vegetables containing the pigment resulting in increased… Continue reading Carotenemia – Excess Carrots Turns your Skin Orange

Jamaican Carrot Juice Recipe

This Jamaican Carrot Juice Recipe is creamy and delicious. These days you find many Jamaican restaurants serve Carrot Juice with Soya milk instead of the traditional sweetened condensed milk, or replace the milk with lime or lemon juice. It does not matter which type of Carrot Juice you like as long as it tastes amazing.… Continue reading Jamaican Carrot Juice Recipe

Cucumber & Carrot Juice Recipe

Cucumber juice is delicious. People think that cucumbers do not hold much nutrition value. This is not true as eeven though fresh cucumbers are mostly composed of water, they still pack a lot of nutrition. The flesh of cucumbers is a very good source of vitamins A, C, and folic acid. The hard skin is… Continue reading Cucumber & Carrot Juice Recipe