Spinach, Apple and Carrot Juice Recipe

One of the beautiful things about apple juice is that in intrinsically is able to sweeten any other bitter or sour tasting juice. Additionally, one of the greatest problems with green and spinach juices are that often they do not taste as nice as they should because of strong flavours such as oxalic acid or parsley. This is a significant problem as green juices are often extremely good for you. The genius of this recipe is that it combines the sweetness of apples with the healthiness of a green juice.

1 bunch spinach with stems removed or a solid handful of baby spinach
1-2 medium size apples
2 large handfuls carrots (baby carrots are preferable)
1 tablespoon lemon juice
An amont of water equal to above

Place the lemon juice in the bottom of the glass with ice. Insert spinach, apple, and carrots into the juicer. Once you have juiced these, add that same amount of water into the mix. Test the juice and if it is not sweet enough then you can add more apple or your sweetener of choice. Pour over ice and enjoy.

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