Organic Carrot Juice Recipe

This raw carrot juice recipe makes a lovely fresh juice that is naturally sweet and so smooth it’s almost creamy. The health benefits of organic carrots include reduced cholesterol, prevention from heart attacks, warding off certain cancers and many others. Most of the benefits of carrot can be attributed to its beta carotene and fiber content. This root, which has a scientific name of Daucus Carota, is a good source of antioxidant agents as well. Carrots are rich in vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and potassium.


Makes approx 8oz, one cup, or 250ml

* 4 large organic carrots

Organic carrot juice recipe Organic Carrot Juice RecipeMethod:

1. Wash carrots using water and a stiff vegetable brush to remove any dirt.
2. Remove the green tops and slice the carrots to fit your juicer.
3. Juice and enjoy.

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