Jamaican Carrot Juice Recipe

This Jamaican Carrot Juice Recipe is creamy and delicious. These days you find many Jamaican restaurants serve Carrot Juice with Soya milk instead of the traditional sweetened condensed milk, or replace the milk with lime or lemon juice. It does not matter which type of Carrot Juice you like as long as it tastes amazing. Optional garnishes include crushed ice or a single lemon wedge.


5 to 6 large Carrots.
1 can Sweetened condensed milk.
4 to 5 cups water.
½ teaspoon grated Nutmeg .
2½ tablespoons Vanilla flavoring.
½ cup Crushed ice.

Lemon wedge.
Mint sprig.


Wash the carrots and scrape the skin. Cut into small pieces.
Add carrots to blender and add water.
Blend the carrots till they form a pulp. Strain this pulp into a container and squeeze out the remaining juice.
Add vanilla flavoring and grated nutmeg.
Add the sweetened condensed milk as per your taste preferences.
Serve in a long glass over crushed ice with optional garnishes.
Enjoy in hammock and consider moving to Jamaica.


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