Ginger & Carrot Juice Recipe

This recipe is perfect for the Winter, mixing nutritious carrot juice with ginger and lemon juice to give your immune system an extra boost to help fight off colds and flus. Ginger and Lemon are a wonderful accompaniement to fresh carrot juice. You may prefer this with less ginger but you may also grow to love it’s amazing strong taste.

4 large carrots (organic is preferable)
Approximately 2 centimetre cube of ginger (to taste)
One half lemon

Prepare carrots by washing them.
Peel the ginger and slice to an appropriate size to fit in your juicer.
Remove the skin off the lemon.
Insert into Juicer, juice and enjoy.

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Ginger & Carrot Juice Recipe, 7.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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