Ginger Carrot Juice Recipe

The best part about this amazing drink is how refreshing and cleansing it is. Ginger is a power additive to any juice and brings with it amazing natural properties. With the addition of raw honey, this juice becomes much sweeter and also benefits from the addition of a natural antiobiotic. The Celery and Apple juice nice compliment the rest of the ingredients to produce a magical elixir of life.

5 pounds carrots.
1 chunk fresh ginger.
3 celery stalks.
2 Apples, unpeeled, use red apples such as Fuji or Pink Lady.
2 teaspoons raw honey (optional).
1 lemon.

Wash and Peel the carrots.
Clean the ginger and peel.
Combine the carrots, ginger, celery and apples in juicer. Add lemon juice.

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