Carrot juice: 7 Things You Should Know

This morning I had prepared myself a carrot juice, and here I am all excited to share with you the little glass of refreshment. Carrot juice is refreshing, and I am excited to discuss it with all carrot lovers. I take you to the adventure that starts from a whole carrot to a refreshing drink that you love to gulp in a few seconds. Carrot juice has been extremely easy to make, and sharing my piece of experience would make you see the results for yourself. Need a little more details about carrot juice before you are ready to lug it out to your juicer? Here are some of the best 7 questions answered to give you a complete insight into some obvious queries you might have.


How to make carrot juice without a juicer

Juice without a juicer is more natural and looks beautiful! This nutritive-packed carrot refreshment can be prepared without a juicer! For all my kitchen mates without a juicer, you can take a deep sigh. Reach out to your blender, and put in all the carrot inside the blender. For easy blending, you can go ahead and cut the carrots into small pieces. Add a little water, as per your preferred thickness. It will blend and you will get a rich, thick and pulpy carrot juice. Using a mesh strainer now strain all the pulp, to get easy to drink carrot juice. Isn’t this juice the best one? I simply love the color. Hope, your question as to how to make carrot juice without a juicer is answered!


How long does homemade juice last in the fridge

The answer to how long does homemade juice last in the fridge is right here. It usually does not last long, so the advice is to make little and often. If you are refrigerating your carrot juice for future use, it should not exceed more than 48 hours. For any juice, crossing 48 hours will not give you the refreshment and nutrition you are looking out for. Why not prepare and drink it instantly? If you are storing it, store it in a juice jar or a sealed container and consume it within the same very day. For most effective health benefits, consume it within an hour. And just out of curiosity, will you be able to resist that beautiful carrot refreshment for more than an hour or so? Well, I wouldn’t have!


How many calories in carrot juice

If you are in terms of losing some pounds, you may seem curious about the calorie content of carrot juice. For 100g of carrot juice, the calorie intake is approx. 40 calories. Carrot juice is packed with nutrition, and it is a good choice for weight loss. If you are looking out for how many calories in carrot juice, make sure you are having the juice without any sugar. It already has good taste, and you can have a healthy start to the day.


How to remove carrot stains

Carrot juice can be disgusting with stains if dropped on clothes. It is very healthy for you but not for your clothes. If by mistake it gets dropped on your clothes, you need to take care of that quickly. Rub some lemon juice or vinegar to break down the stain and lighten up the mark. Leave it without touching for 15 minutes and then rinse the cloth with warm water. If the acid stays for a long time, it will damage your outfit. Another easy way will be some strong detergent and warm water, rinse the cloth immediately. I hope your query on how to remove carrot stains is solved.


How many baby carrots equal one carrot

Are you going to cook carrot pudding? And you are confused that how many baby carrots equal one carrot! Here you would surely require the measurement. The issue is, your recipe book asked you for big carrots and your grocery got you baby carrots. It is easy. 4 baby carrots make a medium carrot, and 8 baby carrots will make a big carrot. So if you are having some baby carrots, you can put them together to make one big carrot and then carry on as per the recipe. Also, it is easy to cook with baby carrots; they are soft and easy to peel.


How to peel a carrot without a peeler

When it is about having something healthy in life, you need to make some preparation for it. If you don’t have a peeler, you have some other options too. Do you have a knife? You are already good to go. The kitchen is an art, and you need to fit yourself in something on the other to get your preparation done. Take a sharp knife, cut the carrot into two half horizontally, and there you are good to do. Use the knife and place your finger in the best way so that you can peel the thin skin of the carrot with a knife. It is easy and quick. This way you have the solution of your query – how to peel a carrot without a peeler! Make sure you are peeling off the carrot skin and not your fingers!

What is black carrot juice?

The answer to what is black carrot juice is very simple. They are dark purple carrots that are also a wonderful source of nutrients. The black carrot juice is sourced from these dark purple carrots and you would love the taste and the color of the drink. There is a slight difference in the taste and you would enjoy this newly added thing on your list. With its higher pH levels, black carrot juice is more stable to heat and light. 


We had a great time, discussing from a baby carrot to a fresh glass of carrot juice. Now, this is my favorite, what is yours? The journey to having a fresh glass of refreshing carrot juice needs to be shared and practiced. What is the next thing that you would love to join me for? Your opinion and suggestions do matter, and I would love to know something about carrot juice that I have not mentioned. Sharing is caring, and I would love to know if all my readers are enjoying this.


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